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Whatsapp;(+971554781977)" Explore Discreet and Safe Abortion Pill Options in Dubai, Empowering Women With Confidential and Medically Supervised Choices For Reproductive Health" Abortion Pills In Dubai, Abu Dhabi/Alain/Sharjah/RAK City Satwa-Mifepristone and Misoprostol Available in Dubai/Abu Dhabi - i Pills in Dubai and Cost Of Cytotec in WhatsApp: +971554781977 Abortion Pills in Dubai/Abu Dubai/ Abu Dhabi.

Are you stranded with unwanted pregnancy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , the United Arab Emirates(UAE), Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait? you can now contact us now on Whatsapp Dr Leen : +971554781977 to buy safe abortion pills In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, RAK City, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Get your Discreet 100% Safe +971554781977 *Effective Abortion Pills For Sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN, DOHA, SALMIYA, Sharjah, Ajman, Alain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, UAE. BUY Mifepristone and Misoprostol (Cytotec), Mtp Kit In UAE. Abortion pills available in UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Contact us today. ++971554781977 -The UAE’s leading abortion care service in Dubai. Abortion Treatment. Medical Abortion. Surgical Abortion. Find A Clinic like Dr Maria Abortion clinic in Dubai We have Abortion Pills / Cytotec Tablets Available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN, DOHA, SALMIYA, Sharjah, Ajman, Alain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, UAE., buy cytotec in Dubai abortion Pills Cytotec also available Oman Qatar Doha Saudi Arabia Bahrain We sell original abortion medicine which includes: Cytotec 200mcg (Misoprostol), Mifepristone, Mifegest-kit, Misoclear, Emergency contraceptive pills, Morning after sex pills, ipills, pills to prevent pregnancy 72 hours after sex. All our pills are manufactured by reputable medical manufacturing companies like PFIZER. Medical abortion is easy and effective for everyone to perform in their own privacy. There are very few complications that may arise from medical abortion if one follows the right guidelines as instructed by the obstetrician. Abortion Pills in Dubai Can Now Be Offered at Dr Maria Abortion clinic in Dubai, F.D.A. Mifepristone and Misoprostol, the first of two drugs in medication abortions, previously had to be dispensed only by clinics, doctors or a few mail-order pharmacies like Dr Maria Abortion clinic in Dubai . Now, We can provide it. For the first time, retail pharmacies, like Dr Maria Abortion clinic in Dubai, will be Able to offer abortion pills in Dubai under a regulatory change made Tuesday by the Food and Drug Administration. The action could significantly expand access to abortion through medication. Cytotec Abortion Pills are Available In Dubai / UAE, you will be very happy to do abortion in Dubai we are providing cytotec 200mg abortion pill in Dubai, uae. Medication abortion offers an alternative to Surgical Abortion for women in the early weeks of pregnancy. We only offer abortion pills from 1 week-6 Months. If you have an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , the United Arab Emirates(UAE), Qatar , Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait , you are not alone. Millions of women every year end pregnancies. One in every three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Women around the world have used abortion pills to have a safe abortion. 1) It is the right of EVERY woman to control her own life. We trust that you know your needs, and can make your own decisions about your own life and situation, your future. 2) The World Health Organization lists Mifepristone and Misoprostol, the medicines for abortion, on the list of essential medicines that should be available everywhere. Mifepristone and Misoprostol can be safely used at home in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. They cause a process very similar to a spontaneous miscarriage and are 98% effective in ending a pregnancy when used correctly. Millions of women have used this method safely in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , the United Arab Emirates(UAE), Qatar , Oman ,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and in many parts of the world . We then advise you to use surgery if it’s beyond 6 months. Our Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) United Arab Emirates Abortion Clinic provides the safest and most advanced techniques for providing non-surgical, medical and surgical abortion methods for early through late second trimester, including the Abortion By Pill Procedure (RU 486, Mifeprex, Mifepristone, early options French Abortion Pill), Tamoxifen, Methotrexate and Cytotec (Misoprostol). The Abu Dhabi, QATAR,KUWAIT,OMAN,SAUDI ARABIA, United Arab Emirates Abortion Clinic performs Same Day Abortion Procedure using medications that are taken on the first day of the office visit and will cause the abortion to occur generally within 4 to 6 hours (as early as 30 minutes) for patients who are 3 to 12 weeks pregnant. When Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used, 50% of patients complete in 4 to 6 hours; 75% to 80% in 12 hours; and 90% in 24 hours. We use a regimen that allows for completion without the need for surgery 99% of the time. WhatsApp: +971554781977 All advanced second trimester and late term pregnancies at our Tampa clinic (17 to 24 weeks or greater) can be completed within 24 hours or less 99% of the time without the need for surgery. The procedure is completed with minimal to no complications Our Women’s Health Center located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, uses the latest medications for medical abortions (RU486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Mifepristone, and Early Medical Abortion pills (EMA)), Methotrexate and Cytotec (Misoprostol). The safety standards of Dr MARIA Abortion clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Abortion Doctors remain unparalleled They consistently maintain the lowest complication rates throughout the nation. We know many women in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE(United Arab Emirates) have no alternative but to seek Early Medical Abortion pills (EMA) online .The World Health Organization has said that Early Medical Abortion pills are safe, even when taken outside of a clinical setting. There may be risks with buying medication online, so we advise only obtaining abortion pills from reputable sources and ensuring you follow instructions or have access to advice from qualified people while you take the pills like Dr MARIA Abortion clinic in Dubai. Our Physicians and staff are always available to answer questions and care for women in one of the most difficult times in their life. The decision to have an abortion at the Abortion Clinic in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, involves moral, ethical, religious, family, financial, health and age considerations.



In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Government has approved telemedicine for abortions. Dr MARIA Abortion clinic now provides clients with abortion pills at home. This is available for those pregnancies in the first 10 weeks of gestation. Only clients who are deemed suitable will be able to have this service. If you are considered suitable for the abortion pill following a telephone consultation, you will be posted the treatment to your home address or you can pick the pills up at the closest clinic For a safe abortion to happen, one needs to use two different medicines: mifepristone and misoprostol. One pill/ tablet of mifepristone is administered first to block the body’s progesterone (hormone responsible for the growth of the fetus) hence stopping the growth of the pregnancy. Four pills of the second medicine misoprostol are then administered after 24 hours from the first dose of mifepristone. Misoprostol causes cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus. It’s similar to heavy crampy periods. Your doctor or nurse will give you both medicines at the health center. When and where you’ll take them depends on state laws and your health center’s policies. Your doctor or nurse will give you detailed directions about where, when, and how to take the medicines. You may also get some antibiotics to prevent infection. A medical practitioner cannot tell the difference between a miscarriage and an abortion, so if the need arises for you to visit a hospital, always insist on miscarriage to avoid any troubles from the authorities. A GUIDE TO SELF MANAGED ABORTION (SMA) IN UAE, DUBAI, ABUDHABI, KUWAIT & QATAR Pregnant people with an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) should have it taken out or take it out themselves before using misoprostol.




Abortion pills/ abortion medicine 2.Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) pain medications like ibuprofen, neogyl, ampiclox 3.Sanitary pads 4.Water 5.Some pregnant people report that it is helpful to have somebody accompany them during a self-managed abortion, especially for abortions after 12 weeks. PERFORMING A MEDICAL ABORTION USING MISOPROSTOL (CYTOTEC 200 mcg) IN UAE


Globally millions have ended their unwanted pregnancies using cytotec 200mcg (misoprostol) safely. Often sold in pharmacies, cytotec is inexpensive, easy to store and handle, and is a safe method for people seeking to end their pregnancy. The medication softens and dilates the cervix, causes uterine contractions, and pushes pregnancy tissue out. Misoprostol’s multidimensional use in medicine makes it more accessible when compared to other abortion pills, like mifepristone. Misoprostol is 85% successful in inducing abortion in the first trimester, when used as recommended. The attached evidence-based guide was developed by IWHC and informed by the latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (FIGO). It explains how pregnant people can end a pregnancy with cytotec 200mcg (misoprostol), because everyone has the right to safe abortion care. For a pregnancy between 0 to 12 weeks using cytotec 200mcg For an abortion to be successful while using cytotec 200mcg, one needs to acquire 5 pills of cytotec (the dosage may differ depending on one’s body weight, mostly people with a weight above 70 kg may require more than 5 pills). There are 2 different ways on how to use cytotec 200mcg for a successful abortion: Place the 5 tablets of misoprostol (cytotec 200mcg) under the tongue and allow it to dissolve for 30 minutes. Swallow what is remaining in the mouth with very little water to rinse through the mouth and swallow. For a person of average weight (below 70kg) after this step one should wait until the bleeding starts with cramping. In some individual the bleeding and cramping might take a little bit longer to happen after taking cytotec 200mcg, say like 48 hours. But under normal circumstances the bleeding and cramping should be able to start in 1 to 3 hours after taking cytotec 200mcg. Get 3 pills out of the 5 cytotec 200mcg pills; break the 3 pills into two making it 6 pieces of cytotec 200mcg. After breaking the 3 pills, make sure you urinate, then after insert the 6 pieces of cytotec 200mcg into the vagina. Immediately after inserting the 6 pieces into the vagina, get the remaining 2 pills and place them under your tongue, allowing them to dissolve till you swallow everything. After the procedure, make sure you don’t urinate or drink water for the next 2 hours to enable the process to take place. MEDICAL ABORTION USING MIFEPRISTONE (MIFE-KIT) IN UAE How does the process work? There are two types of pills necessary to complete an early medical abortion which must be taken within 48 hours of each other; these pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The first pill is a Mifepristone tablet, this blocks progesterone, a hormone that is needed for your pregnancy to continue. The Mifepristone tablet is taken orally with a glass of water. We then advise that you wait for one to two days before taking the Misoprostol pills. After your 24-48-hour break, you will take 4 Misoprostol pills which will cause your body to expel the pregnancy from the womb. Our pack comes with an instruction leaflet, which provides you with full details on how and when to take the pills. The second pills start the contractions to expel the fetus from the womb; we suggest taking a painkiller 10 minutes before. Using mifepristone kit is best on pregnancies that are above 12 weeks. Mifepristone, also known as RU-486 is a medication typically used in combination with misoprostol to bring about an abortion during pregnancy. It is also effective during the second trimester of pregnancy. Effectiveness should be verified in 2 weeks after use. Mifepristone is an anti progestogen; it works by blocking the effect of progesterone, making the cervix easier to open and promoting contraction of the uterus when exposed to misoprostol. Mifepristone (mife-kit) is used in combination with misoprostol(cytotec) in order to perform a medicated abortion. You will take 2 sets of pills for your abortion to be effective. The pill you will take on day 1 is mifepristone. Mifepristone is taken through the mouth by swallowing like any normal pills. After swallowing the one mifepristone pill, wait for 24 hours before you use the other set of pills misoprostol, usually four pills. Put the 4 misoprostol pills under your tongue and wait till they dissolve before you swallow. For one to know that an abortion has been successful, one must bleed through the vagina. The bleeding varies in individuals, some individuals bleed for a much longer duration than others but it's all normal.




Surgical abortion involves the dilating of the uterus open/cervix then inserting a suction tube into the uterus and used to vacuum out the fetus and placenta from the uterus. A local anesthesia is used to prevent the pain during the process. Surgical abortion is a minor procedure that lasts for about 20 minutes on average. After surgical abortion you might need to be given some antibiotics to prevent any possible infections. Surgical abortion is safe and effective once done by professional medical personnel and its success rate is 99%. EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVES/EMERGENCY PILLS

Emergency contraceptive pills or morning-after pills are used to delay or disrupt ovulation in women hence preventing unwanted pregnancy. Emergency pills are only effective to prevent unwanted pregnancy only in 72 hours after unprotected sex. Emergency contraceptives cannot terminate an already established pregnancy, so for emergency pills to to be effective, they should be swallowed as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Types of emergency contraceptive pills sold in Dubai;

Levonorgestrel containing pills are effective in 72 hours after unprotected sex, these include ipills, jasmine, Lydia, Postinar, etc. Ulipristal acetate containing pills are effective 120 hours after unprotected sex. Therefore Abortion is a fundamental right to each and every girl child with UAE | Dubai, Qatar | Doha, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and all parts of the Gulf countries plus the Middle East, so contact a professional doctor like Dr.Alice before you decide on carrying out a medicated abortion thus achieving the best and safest abortion results. WhatsApp: +971554781977 What is the brand name for misoprostol? | Who needs misoprostol? What is the price of misoprostol? | How many tablets of misoprostol should be inserted? | Abortion pill near me | Abortion pill in satwa | Cytotec tablet price in Dubai | misoprostol in Dubai pharmacy |mifepristone and misoprostol | abortion pill near me abortion pill cost cvs | how much does an abortion cost | abortion pills online amazon | planned parenthood abortion | abortion pill cost without insurance | abortion pill cost | cytotec pills | cytotec abortion pill | cytotec pills price | abortion pills price | abortion tablet price | abortion clinic | abortion pills | order abortion pill online | abortion cost | abortion pills available in Dubai | buy abortion pills in Dubai | abortion pill online | best abortion pills price | misoprostol pills | abortion medicine price | cytotec abortion pill price | buy abortion pill online | buy misoprostol | abortion center | in clinic abortion cost | abortion prices | misoprostol tablets | cytotec for abortion Always consult a professional before you decide on carrying out a medicated abortion. What can you expect when taking a medical abortion pill at home? Below we have highlighted how the process works, helping you to understand the process and navigate through this uncertain time. 1) Contact Dr Leen Abortion clinic in Dubai at WhatsApp: +971554781977 A member of staff will arrange an appointment via WhatsApp call within the next couple of days at a time suitable to you. During this conversation, a full assessment of your situation will take place. This will involve taking a full medical history, dates of your last period etc. We will also conduct a full safeguarding assessment to ensure that you are safe. At the end of the consultation, we should determine if you are suitable to take the pills at home. You are then able to choose whether you want the medication posted to your home address or if you want to pick this up from one of our clinics, this option is available too. What can you expect after the treatment is taken? When taking an early medical abortion at home, you are likely to see some bleeding. This can vary from woman to woman, with some having heavy bleeding and quite a lot of pain, while others have very little bleeding and mild pain. Most women are in between the two, however, it is important to remember that this is not a completely pain-free procedure. The abortion usually takes place between 4 and 6 hours following the insertion of the tablets however in some cases the abortion can take place earlier or later (up to 7 days later).

Potential side effects

All women react differently to this treatment. Some have heavy bleeding and quite a lot of pain, while others have very little bleeding and mild pain. Most women are in between the two, however, it is important to remember that this is not a completely pain-free procedure. You may experience the following: -Nausea or sickness -A feeling of light-headedness -Feeling feverish -High temperature -Diarrhoea You should take it easy for a couple of hours. After this time you may find that moving around will ease any discomfort. The abortion usually takes place between 4 and 6 hours following the insertion of the tablets however in some cases the abortion can take place earlier or later (up to 7 days later). BUY ABORTION PILLS IN DUBAI / UAE? ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN KUWAIT CITY ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN SALMIYA ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN HAWALLY ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN ABU DHABI ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN DUBAI ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN SHARJAH ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN DOHA ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN QATAR ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN AJMAN ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN KUWAIT CITY WHERE CAN I BUY ABORTION PILLS IN ABU DHABI / UAE? WHERE CAN I BUY ABORTION PILLS IN SHARJAH / UAE? WHERE CAN I BUY ABORTION PILLS IN AJMAN / UAE? WHERE CAN I BUY LEGIT ABORTION PILLS IN AJMAN / UAE? WHERE CAN I BUY LEGIT ABORTION PILLS IN AL AIN / UAE..!!!

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